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No Barriers
A non-profit program of Association of Behavior Consultants Inc.
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The Association of Behavioral Consultants Inc. our Parent Company, it is a non-profit service agency started by William Palyo Executive Director ABC Inc. ABC has been vendorized by the California Department of Developmental Services since 1979 to provide behavioral intervention and day programming to developmentally disabled adults. 

No Barriers provides a person-centered community access/integration program for adults. Certain individuals being served by Regional Centers in Northern California find it challenging for needs to be met in formal site based day activity programs. Others need a more flexible program to meet their needs; such as individuals that wish to attend community college or prefer flexible program hours/days.  

Most of our clients will have a 1:1 staff while some might be in a 1:2 staff ratio. By utilizing these staffing ratios in conjunction with behavior modification techniques advised by our clinical psychologist Dr. Steven Heidorn PhD., No Barriers can tailor unique program plans for each client. No Barriers staff are trained in positive behavior management skills, enabling our clients to function more appropriately in the community, socially, and at home. 

Contact Information for No Barriers Program

Pam Heidorn Executive Director & Referrals to Sonoma County: 
(707)408-7078  Email:

Joe Zavala Director & Referrals to Fairfield, Vacaville and Alta Regional Center
(707)451-1947 Email:

Erick Heidorn Director & Referrals to Napa, Vallejo & Sonoma
(707)478-7881 Email: