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No Barriers
A non-profit program of Association of Behavior Consultants Inc.
Volunteering and Work Training 
Volunteering is a great way for our clients to give back to the community, while learning skills that make them more employable. We provide opportunities to gain work experience in a structured environment with constant supervision  Some of our volunteer opportunities include: The Redwood Empire Food Bank, Waste Not Want Not, The Humane Society, Country Parks Clean-up, Silvercrest Senior Living, and many more! To find out more information about these organizations, click on the partners link above. 
Flexible staffing ratios and scheduling allows our clients to pursue a wide variety of activities within their communities. Each client has different needs and goals, and No Barriers can be the catalyst in helping them achieve those goals. Although structured schedules are an important aspect of No Barriers, clients are always given opportunities to have free time to decide what they would like to do in the community. 
Physical Activity
Being physically active is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. No Barriers can assist in maintaining a gym membership and workout program that fits the needs of the client. We can also provide clients with a County Park Pass that allows them to explore the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. One of our mottoes is,"Get up, get out, and move!!"
No Barriers can also assist clients in reaching their academic goals. We view each day as an opportunity to learn something new. Our staff can work closely with clients to improve academic skills such as: reading, writing, and math. We can also provide support to clients who wish to attend the Junior College. We can assist in registration, participation, and transportation.