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Who Qualifies for Services?

In order to qualify for services with No Barriers Day Program, a consumer must be able to be appropriately served in the community setting using a "hands off" approach. As a fully community based program, it is critical that a consumer meets certain standards for their own safety, and the safety of others.


Consumers in the No Barriers Day Program must be fully ambulatory and able to enter and exit a vehicle independently. 

Consumers in the No Barriers Day Program must not pose a danger to themselves, others, or property. A history of Self Injurious Behavior, physical aggression, or property destruction will disqualify a consumer from being considered for services. 

Consumers in the No Barriers Day Program must be able to complete all bathroom and hygiene needs independently with only verbal direction provided. As a fully community based program, consumers cannot have a history of incontinence or other serious hygiene related issues that require outside assistance. 

What is the Referral Process?

The first step in the referral process is to fill out the form below. This form can be filled out by anyone, including but not limited to: NBRC Service Coordinators, care providers, family members, or consumers. Please allow up to 14 days for a response about moving onto the next step.

After reviewing the referral form, the appropriate Program Director will contact the consumer's Service Coordinator with North Bay Regional Center to gather more specific information and review the current IPP. 

After reviewing the relevant information provided by the NBRC Service Coordinator, an assessment will be arranged with the consumer and appropriate support personnel. 

After being accepted into the No Barriers Day Program, a consumer will be paired with a potential staff person and this fit will be assessed by the Program Director. Given the current hiring climate and the high demand for services, consumers may have to wait an extended amount of time after being accepted to start services. A waitlist is currently being used to address this high demand. 

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Consumer Referral Form
Is client able to complete toileting needs without assistance?
Is client ambulatory and able to walk without assistance?
Has client ever been physically aggressive?

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